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Daden - Training & Learning

Virtual worlds open up a whole new range of opportunities for educators and trainers. Having a completely malleable digital world at your disposal offers the chance to create unique learning experiences, unhindered by the limits of real-world physics, logistics and safety concerns and at less time and cost.

The immersive nature of learning means that the session is remembered as people, things, actions and sounds rather than just as images, text or video. Most virtual worlds support web-based media so you can even leverage your existing VLE or LMS, and bring content straight into the world.

Features and benefits include:

  • motivate students - increase completion rates

  • increase understanding by immersing them in the environment

  • improve recall and retention - increasing pass rates and longer term performance

  • change group dynamics and provide a more equal learning experience in a safe environment

  • support distance learning - saving time and money

  • undertake tasks remotely but collaboratively, helping to build team skills

  • create environments which might be too costly, dangerous or impractical to use in real life.