Default Grids of the Imprudence Viewer

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By Snoopy Pfeffer - Posted on 31 December 2013


For some virtual world applications you may wish, that your OpenSim grid or standalone region is already part of the standard grid list of the Imprudence Viewer or that it is even the preselected grid. This is especially useful in corporate or educational environments.

This can be achieved by modifying some configuration files of the Imprudence Viewer. After that the viewer can be repackaged with a software installer of your choice for distribution.

Step-by-Step Instructions

First do a clean install of the latest Imprudence Viewer. Then do the following steps:

  • Open a file browser for the Imprudence program folder
  • Open the subfolder app_setting
  • Open the file default_grids.xml in a text editor
  • Add the information for your grid in the following format:

    <!-- grid name -->
      <key>gridnick</key><string>grid nick name</string>
      <key>gridname</key><string>grid name</string>
      <key>loginuri</key><string>login URI</string>
      <key>loginpage</key><string>login web page</string>
      <key>helperuri</key><string>helper URI</string>
      <key>website</key><string>web site</string>
      <key>support</key><string>support web page</string>
      <key>register</key><string>register web page</string>
      <key>password</key><string>password reset web page</string>

  • Save the default_grids.xml file
  • Upload the file to your web server and rename it, such it is accessible at an URL like
    (This file will take precedence on the default_grids.xml file we have modified earlier)
  • Open the file settings.xml in a text editor
  • Search for "GridUpdateList" (around line 614)
  • Replace this line:




  • Search for "DefaultGrid" (around line 1445)
  • Replace this line:



  <string>grid nick name</string>

  • Save the settings.xml file
  • Package the program with a software installer of your choice

After that try to install the new software package on another computer. You should see your grid in the grid list and it should be the preselected grid after installing the viewer.

If you use Mumble voice, you additionally can include the Mumble voice plug-in in the same software installation package. With this you get rid of the additional installation step for the Mumble voice plug-in.

Many thanks to eLeMenCy Debevec for these helpful hints!