Recommended Viewers

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By Snoopy Pfeffer - Posted on 31 December 2011

Imprudence Viewer

We recommend that you use the latest version of the Imprudence Viewer, that you can download here:

The Imprudence Viewer is still the most stable viewer for OpenSim worlds. It is a version 1 based viewer. This means 3D meshes for objects and avatars as well as web-on-prim are not supported.

If you experience problems changing parcel voice and media settings, because the corresponding check boxes are grayed out, use this viewer. It is known that many other viewers do not allow changing these settings.

The Imprudence Viewer provides a grid management functionality, that lets you easily select and add OpenSim grids and standalone regions.

Firestorm and Teapot Viewers

If you want to use the latest virtual world features best use the latest Firestorm or Teapot viewer, that you can download here:

In general these version 3 viewers needs much more computer resources than old version 1 viewers. The advantage is a more modern user interface and 3D meshes for objects or avatars as well as web-on-prim are supported.

When you upload 3D COLLADA meshes do not use the mesh optimization functions in the upload window. Currently the resulting optimized mesh format is not supported by OpenSim.

Other Viewers

In general some viewers requite that you specify the --loginuri and --helperuri command line parameters for the OpenSim grid or standalone region you want to connect to. Here you can find more information about all command line parameters supported by Second Life® Viewers:

Voice Support

Be sure that you have enabled voice in your viewer's preference settings and that you have also enabled voice on the current parcel, on the Audio tab of the About Land window.

If you use the Vivox or Freeswitch voice systems, you do not to do anything special.

If you use the Mumble voice system, you have to install a special voice plug-in on top of your viewer. It replaces the standard voice plug-in that is used by Vivox and Freeswitch. After that the viewer only supports Mumble voice. You can find more information about Mumble voice here:

Network Connection

Avoid using wireless and congested network connections. OpenSim starts to behave unreliable on network connections with packet loss, high network delay or varying network bandwidth. You can check these network parameters in the viewer by opening the Statistics Bar.

If others use the same network connection, be sure that enough bandwidth remains for your viewer. Otherwise you may experience slow rezzing or your viewer may even not work reliable.

Viewer Network Settings

For your viewer do not use network bandwidth settings that are set too high. Depending on the network connection and the number of visitors a reasonable maximum network bandwidth value is between 500 and 2000 kbps. This parameter can be set in the viewer's Preferences window, in the Network > Performance tab.

We recommend that you use the higher performance HTTP texture fetching. Enable the Use HTTP texture fetching check box on the same Preferences window tab.

Avatar Appearance Problems

If you experience avatar appearance problems, have a look at the article about Ruth & Cloud Avatars.

Your Experiences

Please post in this forum your experiences with various viewers, to share it with our user's community. Don't forget to mention the viewer name, version number and under which operating system you use that viewer.