Moving OSGrid Regions to Mini Grid

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By Snoopy Pfeffer - Posted on 31 December 2013

We are happy to announce a special offer, that allows our OSGrid customers to move their existing OSGrid regions to a standalone OpenSim region. Such a "mini grid" is completely independent of OSGrid and not affected by the current OSGrid downtime.

As part of this offer we recover the region contents of the existing OSGrid region. We can do this although the OSGrid asset server is down at the moment, by using the region's asset cache. Because we always cache all region assets locally, the chances are high, that no or only a very small number of assets will be missing.

The first customers that got their new standalone OpenSim region, with the contents of their previous OSGrid region are very happy. They can continue to work on their region that previously was on OSGrid, as if nothing has happened.

With this special offer OSGrid customers currently waiting for OSGrid to be back, can instead decide to move to their own mini grid. They do not need to wait any longer and can continue to use their region, moved to a standalone OpenSim region.

If you are one of our OSGrid customers and interested in that offer, simply order a standalone OpenSim region, using the "Order OpenSim Region" form on our web site. Enter the keyword "recover" with the name of your OSGrid region in the comment field of the order form. We then will install your own "mini grid" with the contents of your old OSGrid region.

As appreciation for your loyality, you will get the second month of your new OpenSim region for free.

March 14th 2015:  This offer is not available anymore, because OSGrid is back online.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.